Insurance eligibility
& benefit verification

Pre-appointment patient engagement

Our commitment to value-driven care makes for a hassle-free experience right from pre-registration. Key information such as insurance coverage, payer limits and co-pay options are analyzed before the patient arrives for the visit.

  • Increase your first submission collection average
  • Reduce the turnaround time from submission to collection
  • Reduce time spent on denial management

Demographics entry

Complete and accurate capture to optimise clean claim

Error-free patient demographic entry is required to facilitate quick processing of the insurance claims by the insurance company. 

  • Optimize clean claim
  • Reduce rejections
  • Expedite payer payment


The first step towards clean collections

Our commitment is to streamline our customer’s coding tasks to grant them and their patients peace of mind.

  • Strict audit trails to improve claims
  • Improved documentation
  • Minimize denials

Charge capture

Analytical diligence on all billable charges

Before the claims are transmitted to the carriers, we run them through multiple checks to ensure 100% accuracy. We also manually check all claims as an added level of security.

  • Achieve uninterrupted cash flow
  • Experience in multi-specialty and state-specific guidelines
  • Guaranteed turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours


Get paid faster

Our electronic optimization processes help you receive payer responses quicker. 

You’ll save time, get paid faster from insurance companies, and avoid disruptions to your cash flow.


  • Get paid faster
  • Avoid filing complications
  • Expedite initiating action for denied claims

Claims submission

Consistently clean claims are part of our culture

As part of our quality assurance process, we submit all claims to an internal Clearing House. This extra step ensures that all claims are as clean as possible and that you get paid the first time.

  • Reduce lost revenue
  • Positive patient engagement
  • Catch errors in advance


Matching remittance advice with account receivable

We screen the remittance advices at every item level and match them with the respective billing guidelines. This approach helps spot the underpaid and initiate action to get paid with additional reimbursement.


  • Reconcile receivables and remittance
  • Identify lost revenue
  • Close the gaps in underpaid claims

Account receivable management

Initiate appropriate action on unpaid claims

The collections process requires a careful eye. CareMB keeps you informed in advance of all past-due collections and will help you realize any lost revenue.


  • Regular follow up on lost revenue
  • Identify and eliminate gaps in collections
  • Rule-based approach for improved patient experience

Denial management

Minimize denials and increase the circumstances of getting paid faster

CareMB uses a systematic, hands-on approach to ensure that appropriate action is taken for each denied claim, adhering to a strict systematic quality-control. This guarantees optimal results and streamlined collections.

  • Resolve claims with speed
  • Automated workflow with blended solution of technology and service
  • Prevent future denials applying strategy to frontend process