Family Medicine

Family Medicine common medical billing issues:

Family Billing also faces challenges while filing claims. Our enlisted family practice billing guidelines can assist you to tackle billing issues. Family practice billing encounters array of challenges as it requires specialty knowledge in more than one field of medicine as family practice physicians offer medical services to patients of different age groups right from infants to the elderly. Hence family practitioners are required to have wide-scope of knowledge of all the medical billing codes usually used in this field

While billing for Family Practices the practitioner should be adequately equipped to know how to code specific courses of action while processing claims.

  • ancillary procedures such as vein punctures, injections, EKGs 
  • minor surgical procedures such as lesion excision, foreign body removal and fracture care. 

To understand these intricacies and specifics of coding; like major reasons for denials, most frequently used codes and other aspects are highlighted through this document pertaining to Family Practice Medical billing to ensure maximum revenue.

Important codes pertaining to family practice- 

Code injections with care Whether you are administering vaccines or analgesics, coding for injections presents multiple opportunities for error. Physicians often include the code for a vaccine, but forget the procedure code for its administration. Omitting the dose indication is another common occurrence. (If you inject a 30-mg dose of ketorolac and submit a J1885 code, which covers a 15-mg dose, for example, it is necessary to indicate that you administered a double dose.) It’s also not unusual for physicians to fail to include all the required codes for patients who receive multiple vaccinations at a single visit.